Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #1 : 2017-02-16


  1. Over the past few weeks and past experiences, I’ve learned quite a few things about Genius Hour. First of all, I learned that genius hour could be based literally anything I’m interested in. Even the process of creating my project will be something I choose to do, not something that others assigned me to do! Also, I learned that these projects actually really motivate and excite people, as it is based on something they like and are interested in.
  2.  I’m actually very excited and ready to work hard on this project. I think I feel this way because it’s be based on something I’m interested in and I will be more attentive when I’m learning about it. Also, I feel like doing this project based on my interest will motivate me more to work harder and more efficiently.
  3. My biggest challenge was probably deciding what my topic will be and how I will present my information. There were too many choices for topics that I was interested in, so, I couldn’t easily decide. Also, I didn’t really know how to incorporate technology into my interest (which didn’t involve any technology aspects), and am still planning it out.
  4. To overcome the challenge of not being able to decide easily, I decided to work with 2 partners who also had the same interest as me. This way, more creativity will be brought up and more opinions will be gathered. That will definitely make the project better than what I could do myself and will be a great experience for all 3 of us.
  5.  Nothing exactly failed yet. We are still at the planning portion of the project.
  6.  In the future, I anticipate this project to be a fun, exciting project. Since it’s a project that I wanted to do and am really thrilled for, I hope it ends well too!
  7. For our genius hour, my partners and I are thinking of creating a food recipe website, since all our interests are food. We will gather many information and even have videos that we filmed ourselves on how to make different food!

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