Blog #1 – February 22 – Pink Shirt Day

  1. My definition of bullying is : An action that either hurt other’s physical, emotional, or mental health. I think it means using power to lower someone’s status and oppressing them so they feel stressed and upset. I believe bullying can be anything from calling someone “Stupid” to physically punching, if the victim feels unsafe and anxious in their environment because of another person.
  2. All the three clips we saw had important messages regarding bullying. Although they were short, animated videos, it really taught me how bullying could affect both the victims and the bully.
  3. The “Bounding” clip taught us to feel confident within ourselves and it’s okay to be unique. The “Birds on Wire” clip taught us that everything that you do to others will come back to you; so, if you harass others, the consequences will come back to you. The “To this day” clip had a very deep meaning of the definition of ‘beauty’ and how we shouldn’t use these words to categorize others.
  4. Cyber bullying is harassing someone over electronic devices or internet. Although there are aspects that are different, such as the fact that there are no physical interactions in cyber-bullying, but I think the fact that it’s still hurting other’s feelings makes it just as bad.
  5. The origin of the Pink Shirt Day is from 2 students in Nova Scotia who started handing out pink shirts to help stand up for a friend that was getting bullied. I believe this small event that was started from 2 students eventually helped and supported many who were getting bullied.

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