Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #2 : 2017-03-01

Our proposal – Prezi – Proposal

1. Over the past week, I was able to get together with my partners and start working on the project. We were able to start making a website and also have researched few recipes that we will get inspiration from.

2. I felt really excited for most parts. This is project is based on my interest which made me want to start as fast as we can!

3. The biggest challenge our group faced was finding a program where we could make our website. After working on it on Monday, we were able to find a website but it was still new, slightly confusing, and it wouldn’t let us work on it all at the same time. We also had4. challenges planning exactly what we will do for out project

4. I believe next week, we will get more experience with the new program we are using for our website, which  will solve the problems of not really knowing how to use it. Also, for planning, we will get more ideas and have it organized by next week.

5. Nothing failed yet. We had challenges (As mentioned earlier), but they were obvious challenges that probably everyone faces in the beginning and I wouldn’t call anything a “fail” yet.

6. In the future, I do believe we will face more challenges and often times that things don’t work out the way we wan’t to. However, we are willing to slowly go through the process of resolving the problems and working it through together.

7-11: Our big idea is making a website that has different food recipes that people will be able to look at and get inspiration. It will also have videos that we’ve filmed ourselves, to make it more exciting for people to look at. This project really excites me because the topic “food” and cooking/baking are things I’ve always been interested in and loved. Other people suggested we add more unique things to our website that makes it more special than other food recipe sites and we are willing to incorporate that idea when we plan the further details.

12. Steps involved :

-Make website

-Research recipes for inspiration

-Modify recipes

-Post the recipes

-Make videos / post it

-Decorate website

-Add any more unique features (?)


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