Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #3 : 2017-03-07


1. Over the past week, my partners and I have continued working on building up / fixing the website we started the week before. We were also able to find few recipes that we liked and started getting inspiration from those to write our own recipes.

2. A big part of me was still very excited for this project. However, there was a small part of me that was really scared because I realized there is a lot of work to do.

3. I’ve learned more tools and the functions of the website maker we are using. I have also learned few really interesting recipes that I would love to incorporate into this project. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to use some of the functions of the website maker. It was very confusing and it was hard to do exactly what we wanted to.

4. I believe the only way to overcome the challenges are getting more experience with what we are having difficult with (In this case it’s functioning the website maker) and getting used to it.

5. Nothing has really failed yet. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, we are still really in the beginning stages of our project and are trying out different things. We wouldn’t call anything a fail yet.

6. In the future, I expect to be able to fully work the website maker without any difficulties and be comfortable with the this environment.

7. I have learned few different unique tools of the website maker we are using and also very interesting food recipes that I didn’t know of before.

8. The biggest thing I’ve learned yesterday (Monday) was that this project will really take a lot of effort and time. When we were discussing more ideas of what we could do to make this project really work, we all realized that there is a lot of work that will be needed and we all need to put in our best effort as the team.





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