Animoto Assignment

Through out this assignment, I’ve learned many new things that I thought was very interesting. First of all, I had the chance of using the website “Animoto” which was definitely a new environment but was very easily usable and exciting to work with. Overall, I liked using this new tool to make videos and enjoyed it. I also learned many things about copyright. I learned that copyright grants rights to people who should have authority of some document or work, and to respect that, we should not use someone else’s work without their permission and ALWAYS give credits to them. I also found out that there is a way to find pictures that are free of copyright on Google Images. You have to find the “Tools” button, and under “Usage Rights,” it give you options on which material that are copyright free you wish to find. Those are the images you are able to use without permission but you should still give credits to them somewhere in your work.

Document that includes the websites I found these pictures from (Credits) :

Bibliography – Animoto


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