Blog #3 – March 30 – Copyright Thoughts

I believe that taking other people’s music, pictures, or videos is a serious crime and people should restrict to doing so. The biggest reason I think so is because I think following the copyright rules is a sign of respect to the author who created that work. No matter what the work is, it would’ve taken the author a lot of effort in creating that. As a viewer, I believe we should respect that. Furthermore, in many cases, these videos, music, or pictures can be someone’s job that they need to make a living off of. For example, making music and selling albums are a singer’s way of making money. If someone just illegally downloads that off of the internet, that is also affecting the singer making their money that they deserve for the effort they put in. It is true that we want to save some money, but we should also be able to think in the artists’ point of view. Throughout the past few days, I had the chance to really understand what copyright is, and with all these reasons, I believe that taking other’s work is a serious crime and should be strictly controlled under the law. I believe more people should start realizing the seriousness of copyright and understand the consequences if they don’t follow the rules.


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