Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #5 – 2017-04-04

  1. Over the last week, we were able to just tidy up the website, and finish the basic look of our website.
  2. Our work progress throughout this week mostly made me feel very accomplished and relaxed that we finally have one less thing to do from our long list.
  3. We have learned new options and tools about the website maker that we didn’t know before. I don’t believe there were any challenges we faced this week, we were off on a really good week
  4. (We didn’t face any challenges this week)
  5. Nothing really failed either. We were fairly good with our progress in the work
  6. In the future (by next week) I hope to get all the recipes ready so we could type it into our website. Also, we hopefully could get together sometime soon so we could film us making the food with one of the recipe we chose!
  7. As I mentioned earlier, we learned more tools that the website maker provides. It was really interesting to learn about them and it’ll definitely make our life easier knowing them for the future. On Monday, I was feeling okay; a little tired. It was just the typical Monday thing but I don’t think that affected how I worked on the project too much.
  8. One of the things that is happening that we didn’t really think about was that other than the time we are at school, we all are very busy. This limits when we could work on the project together and when we could hang out and film the video. Hopefully we could figure out a way or a time we are all available that doesn’t interfere with other schedules.

Avnata #2


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