Blog #4 – April 4 – Collaborative Tools

Over the last few days, I was able to learn about different websites for document sharing and find the pros and cons for each one. I thought it was really interesting because I’ve never used some of these websites for document sharing and only really even heard of 2. I have learned that there are many useful websites out there that can efficiently transfer the work I want to give to someone else online. Out of all those great websites, I’ve decided that my favourite was ShowDocument ( It had really cool features and tools that other websites didn’t have; such as attaching YouTube videos, being able to share screens, voice/video chatting, etc. It also had a very simple way to sign up and get going with your work which was a nice feature not all the other websites had. Furthermore, all the tools that they give you are for free! The only thing about this website that I thought could’ve been better was the connection, as it often disconnected easily. I would definitely use this website in the future when I’m working on a group project with my friends and want to get information to them online. Overall, it was a great experience learning about these websites and I really learned a lot.

Document Sharing


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