Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #6 – 2017-04-11

Capture 1
We typed up all the recipes!
  1. Over the past week, we were finally able to type all the recipes onto the website and type it up in our website.
  2. It made me feel really accomplished and proud because we got quite a lot of work done yesterday and it feels like we got a big part of our project done.
  3. I learned really cool recipes and tips about baking that I didn’t know before. The biggest challenge we faced was the fact that the website wasn’t letting us save the work that was done on 2 different devices.
  4. I believe that the only way to really overcome this challenge is to try different ways and figure it out ourselves. If the website never lets us work on different devices and save our work, we will have to only use one device for future work.
  5. The one failure, it relates back to the “Challenges”, was that when my partner (Avni) tried to save her work, it didn’t work and she had to retype her entire thing.
  6. In the future, I hope to get together and really film the video so we could upload that and clean up/organize the website a little more.
  7. As I mentioned earlier, I have learned a lot of new recipes and baking tips I didn’t know before. Personally, I believe that we were in a really good condition yesterday and both Avni and I got a lot of work done.
  8. The best thing that happened was being able to finish typing our recipes. As I mentioned earlier, it was a lot of work typing all the recipes and I felt really proud for being able to finish that – it also feels like we are a big step closer to finishing the project.

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