Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #7 – 2017-04-19

  1. Over the past week, we were able to finish typing up the recipes and make changes to the website so it would look cleaner and more organized. We also made plans to hang out outside of school so we could film the video for our project
  2.  It didn’t really make me feel much. I was glad we are having the chance to organize and clean up the website, while I’m slightly worried if the video will have good quality when it’s posted online
  3. The biggest challenge we faced yesterday was that we couldn’t really decide when to or what to do when we get together. We had to talk about stuff like the ingredients, time, etc.
  4. We could always talk this problem out and always text each other outside of school.
  5. I don’t believe anything failed this week.
  6. We have decided that we will film the video outside of school this Sunday. So, when we get back on Monday, we will be able to edit the video and hopefully post it soon
  7. This week, I believe that everyone was a little tired, especially coming back from a long weekend, and we got slightly less things done than we could’ve. I didn’t really learn much this week.
  8. Strengths : Group has good communication, our website looks fairly ready     Weaknesses: Our video has not been filmed yet, our website maker doesn’t let us work on different devices at once, which slows our process.
Screenshot of a portion of our website!

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