Timeline of Facebook (Lesson A3)

I used SmartCloudDraw for my project.

Facebook Timeline Activity

(The website saves my work for only a few days so I’ve included a picture instead.)


Goal 1 : Strategies I used to complete this assignment and other strategies I could’ve used.

I think the main strategy I used throughout the assignment was finding all the information I need first, organizing it on a Words Document,  then just transferring the information onto the timeline maker website I was using. I thought working on it like this made the process very efficient. I really don’t know what I could’ve done if I couldn’t use this strategy!

Goal 2 : What was the importance of looking at the history of Facebook?

I think that this assignment was actually very interesting to know considering I’m a Facebook user and these facts are somethings I’ve never heard of ! I will probably think back to this project and sometimes blurt out random facts in the future when I’m using Facebook.

Goal 3 : What did you learn?

The aspects that were easy for me in this assignment was putting all the information onto the website and organizing it so it fits the timeline and looks neat. I think the hardest part was finding the actual information itself because there were a lot of events to choose from.

I was surprised from many of the facts I found. As I mentioned earlier, these information are not something I’ve ever known about before, and as a Facebook user, it was interesting to know when each section or tool was created and modified.

I am now really curious about other websites that let people make timelines. For instance, the website I used was very easy to use and had many unique functions that I’ve never seen before. However, the website wouldn’t let me save my work for more than a certain number of days unless I pay. In the future, I want to explore more websites that has even better features and doesn’t have the same problem as the website I just used.




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