Fakebook Assignment

Jack Dorsey – Here is the link to my website.

I created this page using ClassTools – Fakebook. I chose Jack Dorsey to research because he was a co-founder of Twitter and I personally am a Twitter user and use it quite often.

Through this assignment I have learned that there are tools like Fakebook that make real – looking social media templates for students so they don’t have to make real accounts to do their assignment. I also believe it’s a really cool and a great idea creating a tool like this for many people to use.

It was a really nice website to use for many aspects. It was really easy to use and had very similar functions as the real Facebook. If they were to fix one thing about the website, I think they should make it so that the website can be saved before 5 posts. I thought this should be changed because the first class I worked on this, I’ve done work on the sides but I couldn’t come up with 5 post ideas very quickly. So, I felt very rushed and if the website let you save even if you’ve done some work on the sides, it would probably help others with the same problem.


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