Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #8 – 2017 – 04 – 28

  1. Over the past week, we were finally able to film the video of us making one of the recipe (The Andes Mint Cupcakes).
  2. It made me feel very accomplished as we now have one of the major tasks done.
  3. I learned that it’s actually a lot harder and takes longer to film a video than we thought it would. With the occasional speaking errors or when the baking steps didn’t work as it said it were to, we had to re-film each time.
  4. I guess there isn’t really a way to solve this challenge, just be a little more realistic next time and slow everything down in general.
  5. I wouldn’t say anything failed.
  6. In the future, I anticipate in editing the video and finalizing the website.
  7. I didn’t learn anything too major throughout this past week. On Monday, I would say we weren’t so motivated but then again we didn’t have too much work to do on the computers then, we had to film the video for more work.
  8. I like working in partners because we could all share the work and it’s more efficient. It’s also nice having more people for different ideas which is how our project becomes even more creative. Although there are times where are opinions differ, we talk it out well and choose the best for our project.




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