Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #9 – 2017 – 05 – 02

  1. Over the past week, we have finally started editing the video that we filmed the week before.
  2. I feel great that we are really starting to come to a finish with our entire project but at the same time, I’m really worried about not being able to edit fast enough because it is all of our first times trying to edit a video.
  3. I’ve learned that there are a lot of tools and websites you can use to edit a video. A challenge we faced was that we didn’t really know where to start because none of us have experience with editing videos.
  4. I feel like the only way to overcome this challenge is to keep trying and getting used to the program we are using.
  5. I don’t believe anything has failed this week.
  6. In the future, I hope we finish editing the video soon and upload it onto our website with no major troubles.
  7. This week, the main thing I’ve learned is that the process of editing a video is very long and challenging. Yesterday, I was definitely motivated and ready to work. However, with the new environment I was in, I didn’t get as much work done as I hoped I would but hopefully next week, I would be a little more familiar with the program and get more work done.
  8. I wouldn’t say there are any big problems to our project. The only problem at the moment is (As I said earlier) learning how to edit a video and properly uploading it to our website.


Capture 2
Snap of our video making process

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