Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #10 – 2017-05-09

  1. Over the last week, we tried to start edit the video and worked on other pages of our website.
  2. It made me feel slightly worried because I know the due date for this project is coming up soon and we had problems editing the video.
  3. I have learned that video editing is a very hard process. Our main problem was that we were trying to use Windows Movie Maker but it wasn’t working and our videos were getting deleted even if we save.
  4. We have decided that we are going to use a different software for video editing the next block for genius hour and hopefully that will work out better.
  5. Again, I’d say that our problem/failure was that the software we were using to edit the video wasn’t working and we had to find another to use.
  6. In the future, I anticipate in finish editing the video and uploading it to our website. Hopefully we will have time to organize and decorate our website better, as well.
  7. I didn’t learn much new techniques or skills involving computers this week. I definitely think that we weren’t focused as much compared to other classes yesterday (I believe we were all kind of annoyed that the movie editor wasn’t working and was getting tired). However, near the end, I was able to focus and find another item on my To-Do-List to get done.
  8. I believe that our initial goal was to write our own recipes and share it with others. However, throughout the process, we realized that making our recipes were very difficult and we got inspiration/references from other websites. If I could personally change one thing about our project, I would change the website editor we are currently using. That is because I thought it was very difficult to work with the website and the tools that it provided. Hopefully, if I had another chance to do a project like this, I would like to try using a different website maker software.

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