Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #12 – 2017 – 05 – 24

  1. This week, we decided to change our program for editing the video, again. We started using imovie and we were actually able to upload all the videos and finish editing.
  2. I felt glad that we finally got our video done. I was worried at the beginning of class because we were starting over but with a familiar program, we actually got a lot of work done and were able to finish.
  3. I’ve learned that sometimes old and familiar is good. As I mentioned in the blogs in the past few weeks, we were having trouble using a video editor software that we never used. This week, as we decided to stick with the more familiar software, imovie, we were finally able to get it going. I don’t think that there were any challenges this week.
  4. I don’t believe we had a challenge this week.
  5. I don’t think anything failed this week – it was a very good week on this project!
  6. In the future, I hope we could upload the video to the website so everyone could enjoy and finish touch ups on the website for our final presentation.
  7. I learned more tools revolving imovie. I believe that we all had a good day and were very motivated to get this video done – as we don’t have much classes left. We got it all done and I’m proud.
  8. What are other video editing software that are easy to use and is convenient for everyone?
Screenshot of our video editing process on imovie!

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