Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #13 – 2017 – 05 – 31

  1. This week, we worked on fixing, reorganizing and doing a few touch ups on our website.
  2. I’m happy we are now back on track with our time and moving smoothly with our process of finishing up this project.
  3. I didn’t learn too much this week. We were working with the website builder and were already quite familiar with it. I don’t believe we had any challenges either.
  4. No challenges this week!
  5. No failures this week! We are actually getting everything done quite straight forward.
  6. Next week, I hope we could upload our video onto our website and we will pretty much be all finished! We are talking about other things to add into our project during our remaining classes to make our project better ! (Maybe some more pictures or other fun elements?)
  7. I didn’t learn too much (As I mentioned earlier). I believe that we all had quite a good day and since we are getting to the end and are not too rushed, we were able to work on it with some peace and our minds at ease.
  8. We need to : Upload the video onto our website, prepare our final presentation, finalize and check everything over. I do believe our presentation is in good shape. There were difficulties along the way but the website turned out to be very similar to what we planned. Since we aren’t completely done our project, we will be doing those few final details in the next few blocks and I don’t think there will be time to do another project.
Capture dfsda
Snapshot of our website – process of finalizing everything

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