Genius Hour

Genius Hour Blog #14 – 2017 – 06 – 06

We used Vimeo to upload the video and get the URL 
  1. This week, we tried to upload the video onto our website but had difficulties.
  2. I actually am worried because uploading the video was the last step to our project but it hasn’t been working and we might need to start all over.
  3. This week was full of challenges. In the beginning, we tried to save the imovie file that we have done on my phone to icloud so I could access it straight from the CPU. However, the video wouldn’t download and we had to wait a really long time for it to download again. Second of all, the website maker said that we need to have an URL for Youtube or Vimeo to upload the video so we decided to use Vimeo but that was another 10  – 20 minutes of waiting. Finally, when we had the URL, we were stopped from the website because our content was too big and wasn’t supported unless we pay.
  4. We think that we may have to restart our website again on a different website since the video wouldn’t upload and it was one of the biggest components of our project. I believe we are going to have to do a lot of work even outside of class to get our project done on time.
  5. I guess the challenges we faced are sort of like failures.
  6. In the future, I anticipate on uploading the video properly and having enough time to fully finish our project.
  7. I learned that things happen in projects that you don’t necessarily expect and you have to fight it. I believe we were all motivated to work but were so disappointed by how everything was turning out.
  8. I believe our website is turning out the way it did because of our website maker program. In the beginning of the project, it clearly said that we were allowed to upload videos and we’ve even tried and it worked. However, just yesterday, it said our video cannot be uploaded unless we pay and we were in shock.

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