Genius Hour

Genius Hour Last Blog – 2017 – 06 – 20

Over the past week, we all tried very hard to upload everything onto the new website maker program after our trouble with are original one the week before. We went over the website numerous times to make sure there aren’t any errors, is well organized, and easy to use.

  1. For genius hour, my partners and I decided to make a website. We didn’t know what the topic of the website should be, so we talked for a while and decided we should make a website including some of our favorite recipes since we all had passion for food and baking.
  2. I think one of the main changes we made throughout the project is that we didn’t necessarily use HTML or CSS to make a completely new website from scratch. Instead, we explored with various website maker programs and used its basic templates to start our project.
  3. I believe our final presentation went well. We had many audiences to present in front of and everything went as planned because we knew our material and were confident in what we were presenting. I think the highlight of our presentation was showing different pages on our website because the audience were very interested in different layouts and the designs we’ve included on each of our pages. One problem we had was that the volume for the video tutorial was very quiet compared to all the other sounds in the library and it was really hard to hear.
  4. I think our presentation skills were 5/5. We were confident and knew how to keep people engaged in our presentation. One thing we could improve on was taking initiative and gathering people to watch our project. For most parts, we were expecting people to come to us, and next time, we could probably get even more audience if we go forward to people in the first place and invite them to watch our presentation.
  5. Everyone gave very positive and motivational comments for our project. They had questions like “How long did it take you to make this website?” or “Is Wix (The website maker we used) a good program to use?”
  6. I do agree with the statement and do believe that genius hour has taken me further than I thought. I agree because this project was full of setbacks and problems that we weren’t expecting at all. Each time a new conflict came up, I was able to deal with it with more patience and logic than freak out. This is a life lesson I learnt throughout this project.
  7. This project went by fine, in my opinion. Like I mentioned in the past question, we had many problems throughout the entire process. However, by the end, we were able to pull it together and calmly deal with the situations that we weren’t expecting.
  8. I really like this whole idea of our project. Making a website about our favorite recipes so others could have the chance to look at it as well and try it for themselves is something I’ve always wanted and I finally had the chance to do so. If I could change one thing about our website, I would change the way we uploaded our video. We used Vimeo used its URL to put it on the website. However, Vimeo was very glitchy and slow and next time, I’d rather try YouTube or another program.
  9. One way that the genius hour project itself could’ve been better was if the audience was able to watch the project a little longer. Personally, I wished we could present to more groups and teachers since we put so much effort into the project but only had the chance to present maybe 3 or 4 times.

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