Scratch Blog – June 26

  1. Programming language means a way that the computer or the internet takes instructions and how it communicates. I’ve never used any types of programming language nor learnt about it but I am now definitely interested in learning more about it. Two other examples of programming languages are Java or C.
  2. Yes, I definitely enjoyed working with Scratch and programming. Although the coding in Scratch isn’t exactly what people use for the computer but it was really fascinating to know that simple codes could make a character move and how we could be in control of how everything works. One specific thing that I’ve learned through using Scratch is how the X and the Y works. For example, when I was controlling where my character would stand, I would take the option ‘ To to X:  and Y: ‘ and put different numbers for each axis to position it. I’ve always learnt about X’s and Y’s in math but it was really cool to actually use it in something else other than my math class.

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