Scratch Blog – June 26

  1. Programming language means a way that the computer or the internet takes instructions and how it communicates. I’ve never used any types of programming language nor learnt about it but I am now definitely interested in learning more about it. Two other examples of programming languages are Java or C.
  2. Yes, I definitely enjoyed working with Scratch and programming. Although the coding in Scratch isn’t exactly what people use for the computer but it was really fascinating to know that simple codes could make a character move and how we could be in control of how everything works. One specific thing that I’ve learned through using Scratch is how the X and the Y works. For example, when I was controlling where my character would stand, I would take the option ‘ To to X: ¬†and Y: ‘ and put different numbers for each axis to position it. I’ve always learnt about X’s and Y’s in math but it was really cool to actually use it in something else other than my math class.

Blog #4 – April 4 – Collaborative Tools

Over the last few days, I was able to learn about different websites for document sharing and find the pros and cons for each one. I thought it was really interesting because I’ve never used some of these websites for document sharing and only really even heard of 2. I have learned that there are many useful websites out there that can efficiently transfer the work I want to give to someone else online. Out of all those great websites, I’ve decided that my favourite was ShowDocument ( It had really cool features and tools that other websites didn’t have; such as attaching YouTube videos, being able to share screens, voice/video chatting, etc. It also had a very simple way to sign up and get going with your work which was a nice feature not all the other websites had. Furthermore, all the tools that they give you are for free! The only thing about this website that I thought could’ve been better was the connection, as it often disconnected easily. I would definitely use this website in the future when I’m working on a group project with my friends and want to get information to them online. Overall, it was a great experience learning about these websites and I really learned a lot.

Document Sharing


Blog #3 – March 30 – Copyright Thoughts

I believe that taking other people’s music, pictures, or videos is a serious crime and people should restrict to doing so. The biggest reason I think so is because I think following the copyright rules is a sign of respect to the author who created that work. No matter what the work is, it would’ve taken the author a lot of effort in creating that. As a viewer, I believe we should respect that. Furthermore, in many cases, these videos, music, or pictures can be someone’s job that they need to make a living off of. For example, making music and selling albums are a singer’s way of making money. If someone just illegally downloads that off of the internet, that is also affecting the singer making their money that they deserve for the effort they put in. It is true that we want to save some money, but we should also be able to think in the artists’ point of view. Throughout the past few days, I had the chance to really understand what copyright is, and with all these reasons, I believe that taking other’s work is a serious crime and should be strictly controlled under the law. I believe more people should start realizing the seriousness of copyright and understand the consequences if they don’t follow the rules.


Blog #1 – February 22 – Pink Shirt Day

  1. My definition of bullying is : An action that either hurt other’s physical, emotional, or mental health. I think it means using power to lower someone’s status and oppressing them so they feel stressed and upset. I believe bullying can be anything from calling someone “Stupid” to physically punching, if the victim feels unsafe and anxious in their environment because of another person.
  2. All the three clips we saw had important messages regarding bullying. Although they were short, animated videos, it really taught me how bullying could affect both the victims and the bully.
  3. The “Bounding” clip taught us to feel confident within ourselves and it’s okay to be unique. The “Birds on Wire” clip taught us that everything that you do to others will come back to you; so, if you harass others, the consequences will come back to you. The “To this day” clip had a very deep meaning of the definition of ‘beauty’ and how we shouldn’t use these words to categorize others.
  4. Cyber bullying is harassing someone over electronic devices or internet. Although there are aspects that are different, such as the fact that there are no physical interactions in cyber-bullying, but I think the fact that it’s still hurting other’s feelings makes it just as bad.
  5. The origin of the Pink Shirt Day is from 2 students in Nova Scotia who started handing out pink shirts to help stand up for a friend that was getting bullied. I believe this small event that was started from 2 students eventually helped and supported many who were getting bullied.