Scratch Assignments

Assignment #1 – Dancing

Assignment #2 – Birthday Card

Assignment #3 – Letters

Assignment #4 – Making Things Fly

Assignment #5 – Making Music

Assignment #6 – Race To The Finish

Assignment #7 – Hide and Seek

Assignment #8 – Dress Up

Assignment #9 – Story

Assignment #10 – Pong Game

Assignment #11 – Let’s Dance!

Assignment #12 – Catch Game



Photoshop – Lesson #5 (Part 2)

For the second part of lesson 5, I learned how to create variety of cool effects , such as the space, lightning, clouds, flames, etc. I chose these two images (Space and Lightning) to post onto my website because I think they were the most simple to make but is much more realistic and unique than other effects. There were so many different tones and factors that could be different for everyone and I thought that was really cool.


Photoshop – Lesson #5

In lesson 5, I had to choose an image from the internet and change it using different filters. I chose an image of pizza, because I love pizza, and I went under “Filter” and to “Filter Gallery” to see and choose different filters to use. I had a lot of fun with it and learned very cool filters out there!


Photoshop – Lesson #3


For the duck assignment, I used the Clone Stamp to get rid of the 2 ducks from the original image.

For this acne assignment, I used the Healing Brush to get rid of the acne on the face.

For the Sinclair Center assignment, I used the Patch Tool to get rid of the black wire on the left top of the picture and the leaves on the top right side of the picture. I personally liked this tool better than any of the other tools I learned in this lesson.

For this willow tree assignment, I was asked to use all the tools I learned from this lesson to get rid of the men. I used a combination of all 3 of the Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, and the Patch Tool to complete this task.


Photoshop Lesson #2


In lesson 2, I learned how to use colors, how to use the Brush/Pencil Tools, the Text tool and how to make shapes. I learned to use the Paint Bucket and the Gradient Tool to change colors of the object I wished to change colors for. I learned how to use the Brush and the Pencil tools and the various sizes and forms it comes in. The text tool was used to write the “Welcome to Canada” on my postcard assignment and I used the Warp tool to make it more unique. I also learned that to change colors while using the tools, I need to change the foreground color and make sure I’m on the right layer. To make shapes, I used the Custom Shape Tool and used the Eyedropper to get the correct color as the samples.